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Bismillahirrahmanirraheem .
Alhamdulillah being a mother is a blessing. But for many this journey is not smooth because of infertility ,miscarriage,PCOS,hormonal imbalances etc. So for the benefit of all the woman in this group we have today the founder of Muslimah fertlity friend Dr. Tehseen Malik to elaborate on this and explain it with reference to Islam. The interview is a bit long but  Dr. Tehsin was kind enough to share a lot of information Alhamdulillah . So all sisters kindly do read it and gain benefit Inshaallah.
Tell me something about yourself and Muslimah fertility friend?
As Salam Alaikum, I am Dr. Tehsin Malik, a doctor of Ayurvedic(Alternative) medicine and Surgery with my Post graduate Diploma in Promotive and Preventive Health and a special interest in Women wellness pertaining to Hormonal health – PCOS and Fertility issues. Alhumdulillah, I am a mother of 3 and SubhanAllah having suffered and overcome Fertilty issues like miscarriage and temporary infertility myself, I have founded Muslimah Fertility Friend as an online portal to help Sister Conceive Naturally in the light of Medical Science and Islam. I help sisters by giving Fertility diet and lifestyle plan including herbal supplements. I counsel and guide them on fertility issues and how to fight these conditions naturally!
What are  causes of infertlity in woman. Why are infertility cases rising now?
Well, let me tell you there are lots of causes because of which sisters suffer from Fertility problems and one of the major cause being PCOS and Hormonal imbalance. Sadly these numbers are growing at an alarming rate. The root cause being intake of Unhealthy Diet and Lifestyle for years that has become a norm in our society. These factors contribute to toxins and Xeno-hormones (bad hormones) in our body that imbalances the natural hormone levels bringing around conditions like PCOS/PCOD, Miscarriages, Irregular periods and Ann-ovulation and poor egg health.
PCOD is quite common today. How can natural intervention help?
PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease) or PCOS ( Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) is a condition of our body where long term hormonal imbalance causes group of symptoms like Irregular or Absent periods, Cystic in Ovaries, Too much facial/body hair in females, Acne, Abnormal weight gain, difficulty loosing weight, No Ovulation or Irregular ovulation and INFERTILITY. Other direct hormonal problems in PCOS include: Insulin Resistance, Thyroid disorders, Hyper Prolactenemia, raised FSH etc. But as we know the root cause to all this problems is Hormonal Imbalance in our Endocrine system! Conventionally there is a practice of giving hormonal pills / Oral contraceptives pills to PCOS patients which helps to subside the symptoms for a short period of time but usually leads to further complication when you stop using them. Worldwide doctors and Medical experts unanimously agree that the best & effective approach to fight PCOS/PCOD is Natural approach where you bring around healthy scientific changes to your Diet, add nutritional and herbal supplements, correct Life-style that help you balance hormones. This has proven to be a very effective way of fighting PCOS, balancing hormones and has helped many sister conceive. The best part of fighting PCOS naturally is that you are instilling healthy changes to you daily habits which will help you prevent other health conditions as well and lead a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.
Are there any references in ISlam about infertility and its treatment?
Allah (S.W.T.) talks about begetting an offspring at couple of instances in Quraan. Allah says in the Quran “Money and Children are the joys of this world” but also says “know that your money and children are but a test for you”. In that sense, just as Allah tests some people with wealth and others with poverty, He tests some with children and others with not having children. Just as not having money is in no way a sign of Allah’s displeasure and similarly not having children dosent make you deficient in any way! I always ask sisters to keep Tawakkal in Allah’s decree and NOT to STOP making dua to Allah as the Quran has many examples of righteous people who were given children in their old age. Your dua can do wonders. But when you make dua, ask Allah to grant you children so they can serve the Deen as Zakariya (as) did. There are specific duaas mentioned in Quraan for begetting a righteous offspring and I firmly recommend using those Duaas to invoke Allah for curing Infertility. Lots of sisters fall into ways that are not approved by Sunnah. May Allah save our Muslimahs and us from doing anything that is not a part of Quraan and Sunnah. You may pray the du’aa’ of Zakariya (peace be upon him), who said: “Rabbi laa tadharni fardan wa anta khayr ul-waaritheen (O my Lord! Leave me not single (childless), though You are the Best of the inheritors).” “Rabbi hab li min ladunka dhurriyyatan tayyibatan innaka samee’ al-du’aa’ (O my Lord! Grant me from You a good offspring. You are indeed the All-Hearer of invocation).” As far as fertility treatment in Islam is concerned there is immense healing found in Fertility issues, by the use of foods that are mentioned in Quraan and Sunnah. Dietary supplements like Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Figs, Dates, Olives are the key supplements that are used as a part of Fertility diet, that balances the hormones and aids in boosting fertility. Administration of ‘Hijama’ therapy which is a Sunnah too has shown drastic improvements in PCOS and Fertility issues. Nourishing Sunnah preparations like Talbinah, Nabeez etc are known to improve egg health and reproductive health in general. There are lots of herbs mentioned in Tibb – E _ nabwi which has herbal medicinal value for PCOS and Fertility issues.
How effective are treament of IVF ,LAprascopy etc. Are they allowed in Islam?
Techniques like IUI, IVF, ICSI are procedures where medical experts manually help, supervise and aid the process of Fertilization. However these procedures have their ratio of success and failure too. These procedures are allowed or disallowed in Islam under as per couples medical situation. Also strict conditions should be observed while opting for this technique. They should be opted as a last resort and not as an initial choice for Conception. If a couple wants to under take this procedure, they have to be very careful in selecting a genuine Doctor and fertility center. Also females should receive treatments from female doctor and staff, where as male should be treated by male doctors only. For Further clarification on this you may refer to below fatwa:- As far as Laproscopy is concerened it is a diagnostic procedure that is also used as a treatment for certain conditions. It should be opted if there is a genuine need for it. It is very much advised to take opinion of good gynecology experts to establish if this procedure is of any importance in ones case and discuss what will be its outcome? Also same ruling applies here – Female should receive treatment from female Doctor and staff.
Some woman who have infertility issues ,even after pregnancy experience difficulty.Like I know many friends who are advised bed rest in all their pregnancy? Kindly elaborate.
As I mentioned earlier, usually the root cause of fertility issue is hormonal imbalance and lack of normal rhythm of functions of your reproductive system. As a part of conventional Infertility treatment, eggs are made to mature artificially. Ovaries are stimulated artificially to release eggs and also implantation is aided with injections and medicines. All these are Artificial Hormones which have aided the process of fertilization. When the effect of these artificial hormones start fading, your body tries to go back to its natural state. This is where problems arise during pregnancy and sisters are advised bed rest to avoid miscarriage and more hormones are administered. Now after high levels of artificial hormones induced in ones body, sisters experience its complications even Post pregnancy in terms of ovarian cysts and other hormonal issues.
How do you achieve your Islamic goals? How do you balance work and home?
As far as my personal Ibaadah is concerend, I make sure I always make time to fulfill my daily obligation in terms of Salah and Quraan memorisation. Praying Tahajjud or Qiyam helps me with better focus and I feel energetic and encouraged. As for my family, I make sure I prioritize and organize my family time. I firmly believe that attending husband, taking care of his affairs and needs, is a part of my religious obligation and try to honor it as much possible. Also my children are ‘Amanah’ from Allah. I am trusted by Allah to raise them well and nurture them righteous and healthy environment. SubhanAllah, the reason why I had to quit my clinical practice was better upbringing of my children. My parents and my husbands parents are back home in India and we try to make sure we keep a close contact with them and visit them often. Alhudulillah duaas of our parents hold immense Baraqah in whaatever we do.Upholding ties with our relatives is also something we as a family strive for. I know that Allah has blessed me with this medical expertise, knowledge and resources and hence I have and obligation to give back to our Ummah. That’s the reason I started Muslimah Fertility Friend to empower sisters with knowledge and guidance to Fight conditions like PCOS and take control of their Fertility. Alhumdulillah, I have shifted my focus to online work on weekdays during morning hours when my kids are at school. I work on Muslimah Fertility while takiing care of my toddler at home.This online Muslimah Fertility project has given my a liberty to continue contributing to Ummah and fulfill my family obligations.
What advise would you like to give to members of this group who are not able to conceive?
Sisters who are fighting PCOS, or having other fertility issues need to implement these 4 modules. Please keep in mind these modules should be collectively administered for 3 to 6 month on regular basis to get desirable results. 1. Improving connection with Allah(S.W.T.) – Working out – in terms of personal Ibaadah and Zikr. Using of permissible ways and authentic fertility duaas from Quraan and Sunnah to invoke Allah’s mercy. Always ask Allah for a healthy and righteous offspring who will grow up to serve Deen and humanity and not just to give you a Label of being Parent. Doing lots of Astagfar and praying Qiyam or Tahajjud has immense benefits when it comes to duaas being accepted. 2. Fertility Detox and Diet – Plan a detox and diet specially appropriate for boosting fertility under a medical supervison. A Fertility Detox is a special type of cleanse that is carried out in our body to eliminate toxins and xeno – hormones before you plan to conceive. Once your system is clean it is easier to boost your reproductive functions like ovulation and implantation by balancing the body hormones. So while you have a Fertility diet, make sure you include herbal supplements, Fertility smoothies, Teas made with fertility boosting and hormone balancing herbs that will help you regularise periods, balance hormones and boost ovulation. Some of these herbs being Shatavri, Maca and Royal Jelly. Use of Prenatals is highly recommended. Preprations like Smoothies and Salads should be taken on daily basis and ensuring the availablity of its ingredients at all times prevents you form not being able to do follow it right. Planning your meals ahead to time to ensure you are able to enjoy them without being tempted to settle down for unhealthy choices. 3. Lifestyle changes:- They include observing the timings of 5 time Salah and planning your day around it. Getting up for Fajr and doing physical workout like brisk walking, breathing exercises or light to moderate training is highly recommended. Make sure to you follow your body’s biological clock and take care of your meal timings. Waking up, Eating and Sleeping on right time ensures your organs are less stressed and results in normalizing body’s metabolism. Following Sunnah of eating will make your infertility and PCOS fight easier! Always make sure you injest your body with small portions of healthy and clean foods that helps your hormones and fertility! 4. Fertility Therapies:- Hijama(wet cupping) is much recommended Sunnah and has great benefits in conditions like PCOS, Female and Male Infertility. Other therapies like Castor oil pack and Self fertility massage helps to improve circulation to uterus and ovaries thus helping reproductive system to function in a proper way. These therapies have shown considerable improvements in patients with Fertility issues and PCOS. When all these modules are planned and administered collectively – major hormonal issues, ovulation problems and fertility issues are eliminated leaving behind a healthy body and healthy pregnancy InshaAllah! The best a man/woman can do is to treat oneself with permissible medicines which may have an effect on diseases one is suffering, whether the problem is infertility or something else. In all situations, the Muslim should accept and be content with the decree of Allah, even if he is to remain infertile for the rest of his life. It could be that his patience may be better for him than a child. Everything that Allah decrees has wisdom and a reason behind it, and everything is subject to His Will and Command. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heaven and the earth. He creates what He wills. He bestows female (offspring) upon whom He wills, and bestows male (offspring) upon whom He wills. [al-Shoora 42:49-50] May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad and May grant Sisters with healthy and righteous offspring. Ameen

Author: aaliyahkhansite

Alhamdulillah I am an Islamic entrepreneur and have launched India,s first online islamic store for children.Visit my website at I am also Alhamdulillah a student of IOU and Markaz Al Huda,Dubai. Also Inshaallah will soon be launching my first islamic fiction novel. MAshaallah being a mother of 2 cute kids have inspired me to write and learn more on islamic upbringing of children and being a productive mother. I firmly believed in living life the Islamic way hence everything in my life revolves around Islam. Love to socialise and meet like minded muslimahs

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  1. I really this interview with dr.tehsin malik and really appreciate this effort to help others. please also guide proper days and way of doing caster oil packs and fertility massage that would be of great help in indeed. May Allah bless you always ameen JazakAllah


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