Being the Healthy Muslimah ,By Asma Ismail( Muslim Health and Nutrition Coach)

Health is Wealth goes and old proverb we learnt in school. We did not understand it then. But now at 30 yrs old and being a mother of 2 young kids Alhamdulillah I understand how important Health is in life. It affects your productivity in all aspects.

Allah loves His creations so much that He is concerned even with what we eat and put in our body.Our muscles, bones, lungs, liver, brain and secretions are made from the raw product we feed it. If we provide the factory with junk raw products, the factory will not produce tough bones, strong muscles, good pump (heart) and clean pipes (vessels).

“O mankind: Eat of what is lawful and good on earth” (Quran 2: 168).

“But waste not by excess for God loves not the wasters” (Quran 7:31).

Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) advised  Muslims to teach their children swimming, archery and horse riding. He, himself used to walk at a fast pace even race with his wife, Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her).Most importantly, he used to work with his hands whether at home, in the kitchen, or with his companions collecting wood for fire, fighting during wars etc.It is a pity that Muslim men and women have become sedentary and, because of the excessive consumption of starches, obesity has crept into them.

So knowing its importance in being Productive Muslimah we have today invited Alhamdulillah  an Amazing Muslim Nutrition,Health and Fitness coach Asma Ismail.
Bismillahirrahmanirraheem. Assalam alai kum sister. Tell me something about yourself.
I am Asma, I live in UAE and I am the founder of sixah academy where we support,help and encourage the Muslim women to start living a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle and this is my life’s mission. I am a multi passionate entrepreneur, love reading, easily bored and a proud muslimah.
What is Sixah academy all about?

 It’s about creating an environment where we support,help and encourage the muslim women to start living a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. It’s not only about weight loss BUT instead it’s about developing healthy habits, eating healthy and working out, along side with many other things.
How important is Health and fitness in Islam. How does it affect in being a productive Muslimah?
Healthy life is the foundation for everything in our life, just imagine the day you wake up with a severe headache, does it effect it your productivity for that day? sure, it does. lastly remember this hadeeth The Messenger (salallaahu ‘alaihi was sallam) said: “There are two blessings that many of the people lose out on, good health and free time. THEN don’t take your health lightly.
You have packages in USD. Any packages meant to suit UAE and Indian audience?
Sure, there are 2 packages which is full now but we are launching a FREE course very soon. It’s called ” THE FRUITFUL LIFESTYLE” so if you want to join feel free to email me at
Any advise for Asian woman who believe houswork is enough physical activity for woman no extra workout required.
Do they believe so. i will say that health is a great blessing from Allah and i believe that one of the forms to show gratitude to Allah is by taking care of ourselves both mentally and physically. so working out , eating healthy and etc is what you should be thinking about, DON’T use home activities as an excuse to avoid working our ( at the end we all do a lot of activities, no one sits all the time, right? ) instead go to the gym or at least exercise at home.
In today’s world where one is exposed to different diet concepts like Atkins diet. What nutrition or diet regime should woman follow?
I am not totally against following those diets which starves the individual and the desired result from it is to lose weight. I will advise sisters to do it the healthy and the natural way. Set you intention, you are going to start this journey for the sake of allah and then yourself, and remember WEIGHT LOSS IS JUST A ONE  RESULT among other outcomes of healthy life.
What are your Islamic goals and how do you achieve it?
My Islamic goals is the most important goals in my life and apart from our usual activities like salah which we do always, I usually focus on setting the intention before starting every activity by asking ” HOW CAN I TURN THIS INTO IBAADAH NOW” so i make sure that every activity I am doing has some kind of ibaadah in it. 🙂
How do you balance work and home. Tips to get more productive in such situation?
1) I write my to do list the night before so i know what are my tasks tomorrow
2) I start my day early ( if you are a mother start your day before the children wake up)
3) Keep focus and avoid distractions
4) Take breaks (excellent way to boost your productivity) 4) Try your best to make your today better then yesterday.
Alhamdulillah this was awesome piece of information. I just feel like wearing my fitness shoes and going for a walk in the park. Time to get up and get going sisters .Also Alhamdulillah I have already sent Asma email for free course”The Fruitful Lifestyle” while typing this blog. How many others to follow Inshaallah?

Author: aaliyahkhansite

Alhamdulillah I am an Islamic entrepreneur and have launched India,s first online islamic store for children.Visit my website at I am also Alhamdulillah a student of IOU and Markaz Al Huda,Dubai. Also Inshaallah will soon be launching my first islamic fiction novel. MAshaallah being a mother of 2 cute kids have inspired me to write and learn more on islamic upbringing of children and being a productive mother. I firmly believed in living life the Islamic way hence everything in my life revolves around Islam. Love to socialise and meet like minded muslimahs

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