An Interview with Sr. Fadia discussing Islamic schools

I received a post few days back and there was a quote by Oprah winfrey. And before I could even read the quote ,I saw the comments. One of the sisters said” Subhanallah,what a quote”and there were several more such comments by Muslimahs. Seriuosly I did not even feel like reading that post after that. I do agree that wise quotes from any person should be appreciated. But the issue is we have made Icons Women who are not fit to be followed. So quickly we like such posts and follow them. But the real icons to follow are those sisters among ourselves who are trying to achieve their Islamic goals and balance their worldly objectives with it.And so I have planned to bring in the story of a productive Muslimah among ourselves so as to inspire fellow partcipants and motivate us Inshaallah so that we achieve success in this world and hereafter.
    Alhamdulillah today we have FAdia Ismail Wangde who is the co-founder of Islamic school Lu’Lu Wa Marjaan ( Pearls and Corals).I was not aware that she was on bed rest and has given her interview lying on bed. I hesitated but Alhamdulillah she was determined to give this interview  for the sake of members in this group.One essential quality of good Muslimah is that she comes in help of her fellow sister when required in the toughest of situations. I pray May Allah make it easy for you dear sister Fadia and reward you for benefit the fellow participants derive from the same. Aameen. An excerpt
Tell me something about yourself and your school Lulu wa Marjan?
FAdia: I was born and brought up in Saudi Arabia. I moved back to India for further studies , completed my Masters in Information Technology. I,ve been an Assistant Professor teaching B.Sc. I.T. And M.Sc.I.T. for 2.5 years before Lu’Lu Wa Marjaan Preschool was founded. The school was founded in June 2011 Alhamdulillah. Its based in Mumbai , India. It is a montessori preschool imbibing islamic ethics and values in students. It was my mother’s mind at work and then our entire family came together to make this come true Alhamdulillah. In June 2014 , we started Pearls and Corals Maktab and English School.
What motivated you to start an islamic school?Why should parents prefer Islamic schools?
FAdia: It was the brain child of my mother who was saddened by listening to complains from all the new parents ( friends / relatives ) about the level of shirk most of the school routines would put our children in. Also , we wanted to give the children a high quality education without categorizing the school purely for the elites. So we had to strike a balance between the fees we charged and yet give the best in our capacity so as to make sure even the lower and middle class families were able to approach an islamic school with good educational and other facilities. In this digital age, children are exposed to everything from a very young age. As parents its our primary responsibility to teach them what is right and wrong instead of ordering them what they can /cannot do. Once a child develops the love for Him , it isn’t very difficult for the them to obey His commands. In this aspect Islamic Schools do play an important role.
What role does mother play in Islamic upbringing of children? Kindly enlist what they can do at home?
Fadia : I personally feel both the parents play a vital role in how the child is moulded. From close experiences of dealing with so many kinds of parents , its true that if your child is being sent to an islamic school but the environment you give at home is not aligned to what you want him/her to learn, it becomes confusing for the child to differentiate between the right and wrong. Mothers need to make sure what is being taught in school is being revised thoroughly at home. Basic islamic etiquette  should be reinforced. Daily revision/ learning of Surahs go a long way. The amount of memorization children do at that young age, they tend retain it for longer periods. Focus on the academics and the islamic curriculum equally.
There are some participants who would like to start an Islamic school. Can you suggest some tips and procedure for the same ?
FAdia : Know where your curriculum is going to come from and study it really well.
Trained , qualified teachers are a must.
We , at Lu’Lu wa Marjaan , stay away from teaching about or discriminating against any sect and teach what is from the quran and hadith only. Its something I’d suggest anyone thinking on those lines consider
What are your Islamic goals in life? How do you achieve them?
FAdia : One of my goals is to complete learning tajweed and try to memorize the Qura’an as much as I can InshaAllah. Also being a good mother , wife , daughter is something I really strive hard towards. It gets hard to pursue the goals sometimes and thats why Im working towards following a disciplined routine because nothing works like a set routine.
How do you balance work and home?
Fadia : Balancing work and home is an ongoing battle ! 😀 But Alhamdulillah , He is the One who gives us the strength. We need to be clear in our niyyah and inshaAllah the rest follows.
Jazakallah sister Fadia for this inspiring post. I have been follwing Lu’Lu wa Marjaan blog. I really liked their Hajj activity. It inspired to me to do the same with my kids at home.Follow this link to see more

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