An interview with Ayeina editor



Blogging is an ideal career for muslimah especially Islamic blogs. You could earn money from the convenience of home .For those who are not aware about blogging as career option few guidlines to begin
1) To start with choose your area of interest whether food,health,islam etc.
2) If you intend to use it for monetary benefits its better you have your own domain eg ( Because Google adsense does not accept subdomains like mine Except in very few cases where they have started a blog on blogger which is a google products and have high traffic). For having your own domains there are different plans of blogger and wordpress. Choose on which suits your need.
3) Once you have your own domain then start writing blogs of your choice
4) Network a lot and advertise your blogs in different social media groups .
5) Be patient.Once you know your blog drives high traffic  register at google adsense or you could hire someone to display private ads.
Today we bring to you an interview of editor of Ayeina Ms Samina Farooq. For those who do not know Ayeina it is an islamic blog started by 2 sisters Ayesha and Samina and hence the name Aye…ina – .Started just a year back it has recently been awarded top 50 Islamic blogs . Below is excerpt of the interview
1) Tell me something about yourself?
Ayeina is a community of people coming together to strengthen each other’s eemaan and live a positive productive life in shaa Allah – which is why #AlhamdulillahForSeries is a huge part of it.
2)How do you achieve islamic goals in life?
1) writing them down (you can easily lose track if you don’t pen them on a paper/device). 2) an accountability partner 3) digital detoxification (spending time away from social media and our devices naturally directs us to more free time and hence more time for Allah SWT).
3)Kindly provide some tips for blogging as a career option(1 response)
Write as much content as you can, in the start. Because further on, most of your time is spent on managing things and writing takes a back seat at times. Also, invest in blogging courses. They help a lot.
4)How do you balance work and home?
Work from home is slightly different than working outside since you can adjust time as you want. So usually, when the kiddos go to sleep, blogging has to wake up! 😀
  Jazakallah Sister Samina for this valuable information. For those who did not know a turning point in Ayeina career was the gratitude journal of The Alhamdulillah Series . Gratitude journal is a diary of things for which one is grateful .The illustrations are delightful, and appealing to every age group, from the youngest member in the family through to the oldest. Even better, the book is divided into different categories, such as #Alhamdulillah for Basic Necessities, #Alhamdulillah for Islam, and #Alhamdulillah for everything, amongst others.To know more on this book click here


Author: aaliyahkhansite

Alhamdulillah I am an Islamic entrepreneur and have launched India,s first online islamic store for children.Visit my website at I am also Alhamdulillah a student of IOU and Markaz Al Huda,Dubai. Also Inshaallah will soon be launching my first islamic fiction novel. MAshaallah being a mother of 2 cute kids have inspired me to write and learn more on islamic upbringing of children and being a productive mother. I firmly believed in living life the Islamic way hence everything in my life revolves around Islam. Love to socialise and meet like minded muslimahs

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